Mitchell's Plain Festival Event Information

Should the need arise, a full compliment of medical support officers (paramedics) would be on site and ready to assist with any Medical Emergencies. There is always an ambulance service available and we usually plan well in advance to make use of most local Community health centres, Public and Private Hospitals in the area, should any disasters or emergencies occur. Thus far, we can proudly state that we had no need to implement our stringent Disaster Management Plan. Thanks to all our competent, well trained and efficient Disaster Management team, our paramedics and our other essential service providers.

Even though the festival always takes place over the last weekend of November and at the beginning of our Summer season, it gets windy and cold in the evenings. We encourage people to come dressed warmly or bring along a nice warm jersey or jacket to wear at night time. Always ensure that the children are warmly dressed up, especially if they intend making use of some of the great kiddies rides. It does get quite cold at night!

Please see below the ticket prices for Mitchells Plain Festival. Prices may change without notice.

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As you know, we usually give away hundreds of spot prizes throughout the duration of the festival. Whether it is complimentary meal vouchers, hotel accommodation, free flights, shopping vouchers, motor bikes, cash or any other prizes for that matter, we try our level best to be fair! We urge those who have won prizes in the past to give others an opportunity to also win some of our great prizes. This year, however, we are confident that thousands of those attending the festival would walk away with a prize or hamper in their hands. Please check back here on a regular basis for details on our exciting competitions, prizes and give-aways.

Remember, the organisers have the final say in terms of who the winners are and we usually do not enter into discussions or negotiations about this. Prizes handed out or given away randomly is just that, random! The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence would be entered into.

Although we appeal on an annual basis to the city traffic services to make provision for off street parking along Morgenster Drive, we have arranged for safe and secure parking along the corresponding streets. Since 2014, we have arranged for secured parking at the Stephen Reagon Sports Grounds, which is accessible from Park Road in Westeridge. Parking fees at Stephen Reagon is R10. There is ample parking space and car guards. Traffic services do, however, have no issue with some cars parking on the opposite side of the road, along Princeton High School on Morgenster Drives. Regularly check back here to see whether there’s any changes to the parking arrangements. We are also busy negotiating with the local taxi Association about the possibility of providing us with a Park and Ride service. Please chaeck back on a regular basis for further details.

The Mitchell’s Plain Festival is undeniably one of the safest events of its kind on the entire Cape Flats! Since inception we’ve had no complaints of any serious incidents taking place at the festival. It is safe. SA Police Services, Metro Police, Law Enforcement, the neighborhood watch and our own registered and fully trained security services, makes up close to two hundred members of our security detail. The SA National Defense Force (SANDF) also forms part of the festival on an annual basis, including the SA Army, SA Navy, SA Air Force and SA Medical Services, which also serves as a major plus factor in terms of safety and security.

There will be a variety of close to 35 different Food and Beverage vendors providing a variety of food and drinks to our people. Each vendor must have a Certificate of Acceptability, which is issued by the City of Cape Town’s Health Services. Failure to adhere to the stringent requirements imposed by the City health inspectors will lead to any vendor being disqualified from participating or selling their goods at this event. The safety of our people remains our number one priority. So, when you purchase any food item at the festival you can rest assured that it has been prepared with the highest levels of safety and hygiene requirements.

Unfortunately, we do not allow or encourage the sale of any form of alcoholic beverages at the festival!

Right of admission into the festival is strictly reserved. We hardly ever turn people away, however, we expect those attending the festival to act in a civil manner towards the security and other festival goers. Under NO circumstances would we allow entry to any person who remotely appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and substances. No illegal drugs and substances or any form of weapons, including fire arms, knives or any other items, which could threaten the safety of people, would be allowed onto the festival grounds.

We have a variety of food and beverage vendors on site. No food or drinks will be allowed to be brought onto the premises and no negotiation would be entered into in this regard. ONLY food purchased at the festival will be allowed on the festival grounds. This is the only way the organisers can guarantee the safety of food and beverage products being consumed inside the festival grounds.

Our partners and sponsors pays a premium to be part of this event. These sponsors and partners makes it possible for the organisers to keep the entry fees as low as possible in an effort to make the event affordable and accessible to thousands of our people, even the less fortunate. This is one of the main reasons that the organisers is able to honour its commitment in terms of keeping the festival free for physically disabled people, pensioners and children under the age of six. Without the support of these sponsors and partners we would have to charge everyone to come in at the gates and the cost would probably be at least three times what we are charging at present. As such, we have to protect the interest of these partners by ensuring that only our sponsors and partners are allowed to do branding at the festival. No illegal advertising or branding would be allowed or entertained. Any form of ambush marketing would be dealt with in a serious manner and we strongly urge individuals and companies who does not have a formal arrangement or agreement with the festival organisers to refrain from any illegal form of advertising, marketing or branding services at the festival.

A host of events and activities will take place throughout the duration of the festival. Some of the events include, a baby contest, Miss and Mr. Festival, Glamorous Granny Contest, Comedy Shows, Local Artists, DJ’s, HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs, Business Presentations, competitions, motor shows, etc. A more detailed program of events would be available soon. Local artists, entertainers and people who would like to participate may contact us with their CV’s/ Biographies, contact details and fees. We are in the process of considering all applications. Fax or email us at: or fax (0866) 8999 84. All applications should reach us by no later than 30th August.

To add to the excitement we agreed to have carnival rides at this year’s festival. These rides are sure to add to the thrills and fun of this event. So, get ready and be sure to be thoroughly entertained. We’ll have rides to please both the younger and the young at heart. Brace yourself, it’s almost here. Feel the action, share the experience and come back for more.




All you have to do to enter, is either follow us on Twitter @MPlainFestival or Like us on Facebook. All entries close 31st October 2022. So dont miss out, its that simple to gain yourself access to the event of the year.



Please see below the ticket prices for Mitchells Plain Festival. Prices may change without notice.


Children 0 to 5 years old and physically disabled persons.

  • Children 0 to 5 years old and physically disabled persons.
    Disabled Persons are FREE
    (SASSA Card Required)

Persons aged 13 and over.

  • Persons aged 13 and over
    R70 at Computicket (R90 at the gate)

Children 6 -12 years & pensioners with Positive ID.

  • Children aged 6 to 12 years old and pensioners with Positive ID. R50 at Computicket (R70 at the gate)